A quest to get a little hamster through a large Rube Goldberg machine and reach the food at the end.

Title screen

Metal Hamster

Made By: Team Cute and Fluffy - Kyle Chong, Matthew Compton, Oliver Holmes, Philip Marazita (all from UC Irvine)

Platform: Android OS smartphones

Target Audience: Anyone with a bit of spare time


Metal Hamster is a 2D puzzle platformer in which the player is trapped in Rube Goldberg's mind while he is away on vacation. Each night when he goes to bed he recounts his day, but he worries that he forgot to feed his hamster back at home. And so each night, you guide Rube Goldberg's hamster (safe in his hamster ball) through the mechanical contraptions of his dreams to get to the food at the end. There are seven levels (one for each night of Rube's vacation). The player controls the contraptions such as:

Title screen
  • catapults
  • elevators
  • trapdoors

that launch, fling, and direct the hamster ball on its path to food by tapping or pressing them as they appear. There are also obstacles such as:

  • fire
  • spikes
  • blockades

that the player must avoid or move around to get through the level. The player can also "nudge" the hamster ball and influence its direction by tilting the device right or left.

Credit: All assets were made by the team, except for sound effects which are edited versions of raw sound files taken from Freesound.org.

Faculty Advisor: Dan Frost (frost[at]uci.edu)

Youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-OPmgeo6qaY

APK: Download